Scarlet Chiroptera

The patterns on the work are made from impressed clay on plaster molds–which were created from the antique molds I have collected. The collection of molds from unknown craftsmen in the past, allows the possibility to combine works from different craftsmen in a single piece of work.

In this piece, I am making use of the antique molds beyond the patterns carved by the unknown craftsman.

Each piece of the clay in pastry-shape has the potential of creating a new form when carefully arranged and combined. They were also combined to create a functional purpose, in this piece case- a holder of the lid.

This piece is shaped like a bottle of XO cognac and the bat in red symbolizes good fortune.

Made in Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark. Artist in residence for a month.

Scarlet Chiroptera


White Stoneware, Underglaze

19 x 8 x 24 cm

Scarlet Chiroptera22

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