Chiffon Peony

The patterns on the work are made from impressed clay on plaster molds–which were created from the antique molds I have collected. The collection of molds from unknown craftsmen in the past, allows the possibility to combine works from different craftsmen in a single piece of work.

In this piece, I am making use of the antique molds beyond the patterns carved by the unknown craftsman.

Each piece of the clay in pastry-shape has the potential of creating a new form when carefully arranged and combined. They were also combined to create a functional purpose, in this piece case- a holder of the lid.

This piece is shaped like Pandan chiffon cake and the body with peonies png kueh –  antique molds made by the Peranakans in Singapore

Made in Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark. Artist in residence for a month.

Chiffon Peony

Chiffon Peony


White Stoneware, Underglaze

24 x 10 x 21 cm

Chiffon Peony2
Chiffon Peony3

Updated description:

I came out with the name ‘Chiffon’ because of how the body structure of the vessel looks like when it’s completed—It’s like a slice of the pandan chiffon cake and also because of the soft outlook of this piece. The flowers on the Png Kueh are peonies. Peony symbolises honour and wealth and Png Kuehs represent peaches and symbolise longevity.
The pastries, to me, represent our predecessor’s hope and wishes for an abundance of blessings, and they exude the wisdom of humility—by the superstitious, or rather, mystical and spiritual way of asking for divine blessing through creating meanings from nature and forming shapes and textures.
I like to arrange forms and shapes and play with functional parts of vessels. In this piece, Peony Png kuehs are arranged around the body of the vessel and another pastry is being made into a lid holder.

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