Chiffon Peony

Made in Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark. Artist in residence for a month. Chiffon Peony 2019 White Stoneware, Underglaze 24 x 10 x 21 cm

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Fidgety Feet

Made in Zentrum für Keramik, Berlin. Artist in Residence for a period of 5 weeks Fidgety Feet 2019 White Stoneware, Mother of pearl and gold lustre 30 x 25 x 26 cm

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Oryza Tuberose

Shaped as a pastry mold, Oryza Tuberose is an attempt to portray two poetic and witty Chinese Euphemism of the word faeces together. fèn mǐ tián gòng 糞 – 米田共 Shit – Rice Field Altogether (Direct Translation of each character) yè lái xiāng 夜来香 Night Blooming Plant (Refering to Night Soil – human excreta collected […]

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U+1F595 Talisman

U+1F595 Talisman involves researching about the folklore of an ancient skilled exorcist, Shi Gan Dang from Tai Shan Mountain. I gained interest of Shi Gan Dang because of a yellow jade (named Shi Gan Dang/Resisting Stone) placed at my balcony for Feng Shui. The yellow jade is engraved with Shi Gan Dang and it function […]

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Bloom & Blossom

“Png Kuehs are shaped after the longevity peach, (lotus seed bun) originated in the Chinese tradition. The peach body in these works symbolizes the Longevity peach which is also a representation of the ‘Peaches of Immortality’. According to the Chinese folk myths, these peaches ripen every thousand years in the heaven and grant immortality to […]

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