Oryza Tuberose

Shaped as a pastry mold, Oryza Tuberose is an attempt to portray two poetic and witty Chinese Euphemism of the word faeces together. fèn mǐ tián gòng 糞 – 米田共 Shit – Rice Field Altogether (Direct Translation of each character) yè lái xiāng 夜来香 Night Blooming Plant (Refering to Night Soil – human excreta collected […]

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U+1F595 Talisman

U+1F595 Talisman involves researching about the folklore of an ancient skilled exorcist, Shi Gan Dang from Tai Shan Mountain. I gained interest of Shi Gan Dang because of a yellow jade (named Shi Gan Dang/Resisting Stone) placed at my balcony for Feng Shui. The yellow jade is engraved with Shi Gan Dang and it function […]

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Bloom & Blossom

“Png Kuehs are shaped after the longevity peach, (lotus seed bun) originated in the Chinese tradition. The peach body in these works symbolizes the Longevity peach which is also a representation of the ‘Peaches of Immortality’. According to the Chinese folk myths, these peaches ripen every thousand years in the heaven and grant immortality to […]

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Moon Zeitgeist

“The works are woven together through repeated imageries of mooncakes, rabbits, and egg yolks. Emerging from these icons are two female figures from Chinese culture. Depicted with overflowing hair, Chang’e is the heroine in a tragic folk tale who was given immortality at the expense of being separated from her husband. Smiling with rosy cheeks […]

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Malfunctioning Series

Malfunctioning 2017 comprises a series of cropped or integrated ceramic vessels. They are experimentation of forms, derive from vessels that Shayne is fascinated with- Traditional Coffee Pot, Watering Can, Smoking Pipe and Spittoon. Vessels were reconstructed and afterwards slip cast to either slice, join with another piece or attach to readymade objects. She recreated them […]

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Longevity Png Tor

Longevity Png Tor is a semiotic study of peach in the Chinese culture and mythology. Layering Png kuehs on the peach body is an act of decoding symbols. The textured patterns on the Png kueh (Teow Chew traditional rice cake) are insignificant when they were found as a consumer product in our daily lives and […]

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Solace to the Complicit

Solace to the complicit 2017 invites the audience to walk through the bridge surrounded by hundreds of gold dotted Png kueh. The recording of a lullaby I sang will be played continuously and acts as a framework for the installation. This recording plays a twisted version of the lullaby my mum sang me to sleep […]

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