Longevity Png Tor

Longevity Png Tor is a semiotic study of peach in the Chinese culture and mythology. Layering Png kuehs on the peach body is an act of decoding symbols. The textured patterns on the Png kueh (Teow Chew traditional rice cake) are insignificant when they were found as a consumer product in our daily lives and the mould of Png Kueh is a spark of inspiration to unveil its mystery.

The textures denote the word ‘Longevity’ in Chinese, ‘ 寿 ’ and the Png Kuehs are shaped after the longevity peach, (lotus seed bun) originated in the Chinese tradition. The peach body in these works symbolizes the Longevity peach which is also a representation of the ‘Peaches of Immortality’. According to the Chinese folk myths, these peaches ripen every thousand years in the heaven and grant immortality to humans when consumed. Longevity Png Tor has many layers of signs and symbols and is inviting you to explore them.

All in all, it is created in hopes of warming the hearts of those who celebrate their culture and enchant all with its rosiness and beautiful myths.

Additional Series @ Bloom & Blossom


Longevity Png Tor


Ceramic (white stoneware and glaze)

About 47 x 47 x 36 cm each

IMG_9034 (1)

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