Malfunctioning Series

Malfunctioning 2017 comprises a series of cropped or integrated ceramic vessels. They are experimentation of forms, derive from vessels that Shayne is fascinated with- Traditional Coffee Pot, Watering Can, Smoking Pipe and Spittoon. Vessels were reconstructed and afterwards slip cast to either slice, join with another piece or attach to readymade objects. She recreated them to discover by what means different components of an object’s form enables exclusive function. On the other hand, conveying her obsessions in observing banal objects and their functionality.

IMG_6166Malfunctioning 02

25587822_2057382391217098_5492352552559430120_oMalfunctioning 01

25439051_2057378581217479_3622210583752605555_oMalfunctioning 03

Shayne 4
shayne 5
shayne 8

@Chan + Hori Contemporary 2017

Malfunctioning 01, 02, 03


Ceramic (porcelaneous white stoneware, metal, plastic, 1190 degree)

Variable Dimensions

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