Solace to the Complicit

Solace to the complicit 2017 invites the audience to walk through the bridge surrounded by hundreds of gold dotted Png kueh. The recording of a lullaby I sang will be played continuously and acts as a framework for the installation. This recording plays a twisted version of the lullaby my mum sang me to sleep, and It was remembered because of its soothing yet uncanny rhythm. However, the twisted version intensifies the eeriness.

The cradle song depicting ‘rowing (摇 yao) one’s boat to grandmother’s bridge (外婆桥 Wai po qiao)’ is twisted to ‘shaking (摇 yao) money trees and eventually reaching Lady of forgetfulness bridge (孟婆桥 Meng po qiao)’- this distortion induced fear of loss in individuals upon thoughts of facing amnesia or death. The contradiction of a strangely calming lullaby and mocking aspects of the work reflects my empathy for one’s act of disguising insecurities with material possession


Solace to the Complicit


Ceramic (Porcelain, Gold leaf liquid, Wood, Recordings)

Variable Dimensions

IMG_3662 (1)

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