Fidgety Feet

The patterns on the work is made from impressed clay on plaster molds–which were created from the antique molds I have collected. The collection of molds from unknown craftsman in the past, allows the possibility to combine works from different craftsmen in a single piece of work.

In this piece, I am making use of the antique molds beyond the patterns carved by the unknown craftsman.

Each piece of the clay in pastry shape has the potential of creating a new form when carefully arranged and combined. They were also combined to create a functional purpose, in this piece case- a holder of the lid, a structure to support the drinking tube.

This piece has a round base and will turn in many directions when interacted. Playing with the configuration of different functional parts of vessels- this piece has two spout and two drinking tube and they also act as handles of the vessel. The body of the vessel is shaped like a vase or bottle, with a narrow neck, flared rim and round body.

How it functions, lies in your imagination.

Made in Zentrum für Keramik, Berlin.
Artist in Residence for a period of 5 weeks

Fidgety Feet

Fidgety Feet


White Stoneware, Mother of pearl and gold lustre

30 x 25 x 26 cm

Fidgety Feet2
Fidgety Feet3
Fidgety Feet4
Fidgety Feet5
Fidgety Feet6
Fidgety Feet7
Fidgety Feet8

Updated description:

As the name suggests, this pot can’t stand on its own feet. A little like a roly-poly toy, but it has a gold ring around the bottom. Unsure which direction is the best, two spouts and straw further create confusion. It’s an idea of a pot without a main server.
Green and pink is my favourite combination of colours, and it is also, an iconic combination symbolises Peranakan. 

I like to play with functional parts of vessels.
In this piece, pastries are being used as connector structures between the spout and the vessel body, somewhat like handles and also as the lid holder of the vessel.

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