U+1F595 Talisman

U+1F595 Talisman involves researching about the folklore of an ancient skilled exorcist, Shi Gan Dang from Tai Shan Mountain. I gained interest of Shi Gan Dang because of a yellow jade (named Shi Gan Dang/Resisting Stone) placed at my balcony for Feng Shui.

The yellow jade is engraved with Shi Gan Dang and it function as a protector of the house, against the malignant forces. The yellow jade is an abstract form of Tai Shan mountain in three peaks and the middle one being the highest.

It relates immediately to me of the symbol that is widespread in many parts of the world, the middle finger. The middle finger is an obscene and derogatory hand gesture shown to ask whoever to get lost, which have similar intention to the Resisting Stone, being against of something.

U+1F595 Talisman is an experiment, to test if it speaks for itself; that ask if the symbol is instilled in all of us. On top of that, reveals the current state of confusion and tension between one’s cultural heritage and the popular culture.

Will humility be lost through the loss of folk tradition?



Photography: Jonathan Lum



敢當 – U+1F595 Talisman


Ceramic (Raku White Stoneware, Silver Liquid Leaf)

48 x 19 x 34 cm


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