Solace to the Complicit

Solace to the complicit 2017 invites the audience to walk through the bridge surrounded by hundreds of gold dotted Png kueh. The recording of a lullaby I sang will be played continuously and acts as a framework for the installation. This recording plays a twisted version of the lullaby my mum sang me to sleep […]

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Kopi Kueh

An experimentation with replacing the cold harsh industrial look of the Traditional Coffee Pot – can be found in most of the Southeast Asia countries. I really like the structure of the Coffee Pot, and I am also delighted to find them still in use at numerous coffee shops. I gave them a new-look by […]

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Pit Firing

  Kota Tinggi Pit Fired Ceramic Vessels 2016 Ceramic (white stoneware, about 900 degree) From Left to Right 15 x 15 x 13 cm 18 x 18 x 10 cm 14 x 14 x 13 cm  

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Wood Firing

Thow Kwang Wood Fired Ceramic Vessels 2016 Ceramic (Terra Cotta, about 1260 degree) From Left to Right L11 x W11 x H8 cm L13 x W13 x H6 cm L13 x W13 x H8 cm L16 x W16 x H6 cm L13 x W13 x H8 cm L11 x W11 x H8 cm L16 x […]

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Early Works

First experience with Snow. 2016, Acrylic on A4 cartridge paper. Coiling & Wedging – Ceramic Process Container, Slip Cast toys and bottles, Large-scale clay practice – Hard Slab, Coils and Wheel thrown. Geode Inspired. 2015. Ceramic, found rocks, paint. Plaster Sculpture Practice. 2015 Seal Engraving, 2016 & 2018. Practices and a commission for Arudio. Chinese […]

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